Xamarin Stable - 15.2.2 Xamarin.Android hotfix Stack update

The Xamarin.Android hotfix update was just released for the Xamarin Stable stack.

Unfortunately this quite important hotfix update was released after the usual Friday virtual machine update provisioning and so it was left out from the weekly updates.

As the issue seems to affect a great number of Xamarin Android projects we decided to do the update right now, to not to wait until the weekend.

Related Xamarin update release notes: https://releases.xamarin.com/stable-release-15-2-2-xamarin-android-xamarin-vs-hotfix/

An important note: in order to push this update into production as soon as possible we decided to only update the Xamarin Stable stack, Xamarin Alpha & Beta stacks will be updated during the weekend as usual.

Special thanks to @tomcurran for reporting the issue and for helping us with the debugging!

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Happy Building! :rocket:

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Any build started on an Elite stack will now start with the new build image, but on the Standard stacks it might take a bit more time to refresh all the build VMs as the Standard stacks have prebooted build VMs, which will only use the new image when the VM is rebuilt.

In practice this should mean that if you start a build right now (with the Xamarin Stable stack, on a Standard subscription plan or on a free account) and you still have the issue please try to do a rebuild, that will most likely start with the new, updated image. There’s a slight chance that you’ll have to do one more rebuild, depends on how quickly the prebooted build VMs are “replenished”.