Workspace not found during the validation process for workspace generated by pod

I get this error
Failed to create cocoapods project-workspace mapping, error: pod workspace (Evenly.xcworkspace) will be generated by (Evenly.xcodeproj) project, but it does not found
But Evenly.xcworkspace is there for sure, i’ve just checked the code in repo’s branch

Hello there,

I guess it can’t find Evenly.xcodeproj :thinking: is that one that you know is there or the xcworkspace file?

Both of them are there, see screenshot of my Bitbucket’s “Source” tab. Branch “staging” which is used for configuring Bitrise.

Hi @undeadhip!

Sorry to leave this unanswered, the team is investigating what I believe is the same issue but was reported much earlier. We’ll make sure to update this thread should we find anything!

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Hi @undeadhip,
for further investigation:

  • Evenly.xcodeproj, Evenly.xcworkspace are the main project files of your application?
  • is it a macos app?
  • May i ask you to send us: Evenly.xcodeproj, Evenly.xcworkspace and Podfile file via Bitrise on-site-chat?