Which gcloud account does Virtual Device Testing use?


While running gcloud firebase test locally I did understood that it’s required to sign in and wanted to ask how does Bitrise handles it? Do you use your own account for all virtual device tests? Is there an option to override --access-token-file?

Bump. Any answers?

You’re referring to the Virtual Device Testing for Android step, similar to what’s described here, right? (Android) Run instrumentation tests on virtual devices - Bitrise Docs

If yes, then indeed with that step you’re running your tests via the Testing AddOn which uses our own Firebase account.

What’s the reason you’d want to use your own? And would you still use the Testing AddOn as your UI?

Yes exactly I was referring to the Virtual Device Testing for Android step.

I’m feeling that possibility to override use our own account would give some more control and visibility over the step results. I would keep using it the same as before.

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Thanks @krokyze !

Right now the step does not support this use case, but feel free to send a pull request to add this option to it or create #feature-request for it.

Thank’s. I’ll create a #feature-request :wink:

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