Weekly Virtual Machine / Stack updates - 2018.05.05


Android/Linux stacks

  • No significant change

Xcode stacks

  • Xcode 9.4 beta 2 (9Q1019a) available, replaces beta 1 (9Q1004a)
  • Node.js v10 preinstalled on the Xcode Edge and Xcode 9.4 stacks
  • along with Yarn 1.6
  • and CocoaPods 1.5.0

Visual Studio for Mac stacks

Hybrid stacks

  • No significant change

This week’s changes (diffs)


Stack System Reports

You can find the full system report of all of the available Stacks on GitHub: https://github.com/bitrise-io/bitrise.io/tree/master/system_reports.

If you’d like to add additional tools to be pre-installed you can find the instructions on GitHub, for both the Linux and for the macOS stacks.

Information about Stack types & update schedules can be found here: discuss.bitrise.io/t/281.

All stacks passed our tests and scheduled to be deployed on Saturday.

Happy Building! :rocket:

New stacks deployed and are available in production :tada:

Thanks @viktorbenei for the updates. Any timeframe for Android/Linux stack update with Ubuntu 18.04 ? There’s this small jo package that I can’t wait to use in my bash scripts :grinning:

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Hey @raphaelmina, it’s definitely on the roadmap, but there’s no stable Docker release yet for 18.04. As soon as that’s out, we’re going to switch to 18.04.


Hello @ghaabor,

Is there more visibility since may 7th ?


Hey there,

Yes, we’re rolling out the 18.04 containers tomorrow if they pass our tests. The underlying hosts will be on 16.04 for another week because we’ve experienced some issues, but we’re working on fixing those. The difference between the host and the container version should not cause any issues at all.

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That’s great to hear, thanks. I will test this starting monday then, if the tests are passed.

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