Website is unusable on Safari


Indeed it doesn’t seem like it would only affect older models, we could reproduce it on newer ones and older ones. Most are not affected in our case but regardless we can reproduce it now (on certain ones) :wink:


Hi @FWIgor,

We found a solution for the bug #3, so the YML Editor currently using Ace Editor engine and we going to replace this with Monaco Editor (VS Code). We will let you know as soon as it is released.

Thank you for your patience.


Hi @FWIgor

We released some improvement which should fix the bug #2 scrolling issue on mobile Safari. Tested on iPhone X and iPhone 6s with IOS 11.4.1. Thank you for you help.


@david.breuer As I put on the issue #313, in the website thread, and sent to the client support chat, this bug was seem on version v1.1.24, on:

iPhone X
iOS 11.4

iPhone 6
iOS 11.0.1

iPhone 6s
iOS 10.3

Also tested using “offline” version. Same issues.

I’m following the GitHub history, and I don’t see changes related to that since 1.1.24 on master.


@david.breuer I just run some tests, and there are still problems on scrolling contents:

Tested on:

iPhone X
iOS 11.4

iPhone 7 Plus
iOS 11.1.1


Hi, there is no code change in the GitHub repository of the Workflow Editor, because the issue you reported (the modally appearing Workflow Editor not scrolling but the content behind it scrolling instead) is related to our website’s frontend, and the way it nests the Workflow Editor inside it. So the change happened there. But I take it the issue is still occuring unfortunately.

The offline version however should not have these problems, since this nesting mentioned above, is not used in the offline case. The videos you posted are on the website, could you post a video of the issue happening offline, if it is not too much trouble?


@erosdome I, unfortunately, cannot record the use of the offline version right now. As soon as possible I’ll re-run the tests using the code from GitHub to confirm that it was not my mistake, and give a better update.


@erosdome @david.breuer I don’t know if it helps, but I found what is, so far, the only way to unblock the scroll in the website:

  • Open the workspace editor
  • Tap in the support icon
  • Close the support area
  • Scroll freely:

Sample video


@erosdome @david.breuer @viktorbenei Any update regarding this issues? Specially the Mac Safari yml editor.


Hi @FWIgor

I am happy to let you know, we just updated the YAML editor to Monaco Editor engine. See more detail in the change log: Workflow Editor v1.1.25 released.

Thank you and Happy coding.


@david.breuer Thanks for the heads up, I’ll test it later this week and post an update here, and on the GitHub issue. @erosdome any update/change regarding the issues with the editor for mobile? The scroll issue is still there, and the env var list loads, but it can take seconds to do so.


Hi, we’ve just released a fix for the website (Workflow editor version 1.1.29), which focuses on the scrolling issue. It should be fixed now, could you check if it is working for you too?


@erosdome The latest version has the scroll fixed. But, it broke the load of the env vars. on v1.1.28 it loaded after nearly 1 minute. Now, it is not loading at all. I’ll send the video of the prove that the env vars do not load at all in the support chat.


Also, it seems scrolling is broken for the other tabs. Reverting this fix, so it looks like the final one will take more time unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hello @erosdome @viktorbenei any update on this? (Being able to check/change variables on the iPhone is quite a big deal for me :slight_smile: )


Hi there @FWIgor

We’re actually working on a fix for this now, unfortunately the fix requires some re-architecture of the workflow editor which is taking longer than hoped. Although I can’t give a timeline we’ll update this thread as soon as we have the fix in place :slight_smile:


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