Using Cordova platforms for builds

I’ve a very special requirement that I’m trying to achieve: I’m preparing Cordova platform locally, using cordova prepare $platform and then uploading them on the Github repository connected to Bitrise to launch the build for iOS or Android.

I’m doing it because I’m using Cordova to build different “flavour” of the same app, so I need to run som prebuild script on my system.

Is this possibile?

I’ve got some results (on Android) ignoring errors on code validation and manually adding the Gradle wrapper on my own to let Android Platform to work but I’m having more trouble on iOS platform.

Hi @Vittorio!

Can you please expand on your use case and the necessity of preparing this environment locally? Not sure if possible, but it seems like proactively changing the repository for each flavor you build is a lot of work, compared to simply building different flavors on Bitrise from the same source.

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