Unpredictable Git Clone Times

Dear Bitrise,

I’m running into an issue where sometimes my git clone step takes 30+ minutes and other times takes 90 seconds. It’s a rather large repository, but I do make full use of cache:pull and cache:push. Is there something I can do to see why this discrepancy exists? Does it have something to do with when a cache gets invalidated? Are there solutions so that a full git clone never has to happen again for this repository?


I’ve had similar issue and the customer support suggested to set the clone depth to 20. Since then I never faced this issue. You can set the limit in git clone step -> clone config -> Limit fetching to the specified number of commits


Hy @keehun-homespotter!

I think @docbuddy is right, some branches may have a few hundred commits some have multiple thousand that can cause a lot of difference in clone time. set the clone depth to 20 and it will normalise I think :upside_down_face:

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