Two-factor authentication for Apple ID / iTunes Connect TestFlight deploy



If you can share more about the issue @fabrygio we can also try to debug it (e.g. send the full log to us in email or just copy paste the whole step log here).

Actually I think this error is something new, never seen it before, so can you please do this? Either send the build URL in email / through the onsite chat or copy paste the step’s log here and we’ll check it ASAP!


My bad. I was using an old version of Fastlane


Ahh, indeed, if you use any fastlane tool/command which has to communicate with the iTunes Connect server you should always use the latest fastlane version, as iTC doesn’t have a public API and they do change the API from time to time, and when that happens only the updated fastlane versions will work / will have the proper, updated API calls.


@Shiro Were you able to find a workaround? I’m having the same issue here too. I’m stuck at