Trigger input starting with * ignored

I just wanted to create a trigger for tags that contain “beta”, so I started to type in: *beta* (yes with both *).
I ended with having only: beta* inside the field.

Short testing showed that the * is ignored when it is the first / only character in the input.

There is no need to ignore that * when typed in as the first character just because it is equals to the default imho.
It just creates issues because the user expects that the input field accepts what is typed.

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Hi @free2move,

Thanks for reporting, we’ll discuss this with the team ASAP! :slight_smile:

Just one note: while indeed a leading * is ignored if you start to type that, as a workaround for now you can type in any other character then move back to the start and type in *.

E.g. type in beta* first, then jump back to the start of the text and insert * to make it *beta*.

Definitely not a solution, just wanted to mention this as a workaround in case you’d need this while we’re working on the UI bug.

P.S.: please ignore my deleted comment above, it was unrelated (I didn’t ready your original message correctly when I first “scanned” it.

Hi, the new version release has a related update. It is already released for CLI mode, it should be available on the website soon:

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