Stack updates news

Hello everyone, some good news for you:

Tooling updates were just released on all Xcode stacks except for: xcode-edge, 10.3, 11.6, and 13.3.

Due to the stability issues around Apple’s Metal API, we’ve decided to disable this beta capability for now. If you need this capability please reach out to us via our contact page.

Multiple tool versions were changed, see the bigger changes:

  • Flutter updated: 2.10.3 and 1.22.6. Flutter 2 is the default version now
  • Preinstalled Java JDK17
  • Go updated to 1.17^
  • Added Android SDK 31 and 32
  • Updated Ionic cli to 6.19.0
  • Updated cordova to 11.0.0
  • Updated appcenter cli to 2.10.8

Stack System Reports

You can find the full system report of all of the available Stacks on GitHub: at master

If you’d like to add additional tools to be pre-installed you can find the instructions on GitHub, for both the Linux and for the macOS stacks.

Information about Stack types & update schedules can be found here.

Happy Building :rocket:

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