SSH into a remote server

Is it possible to SSH into a remote server using bitrise?
I’d like to SSH into my remote server and pull from github whenever a new release is made.

My current code is:

brew install
sshpass -f <(printf '%s\n' $PASSWORD) ssh -tt $REMOTE_URL
cd public_html/...
git pull "https://$GH_USERNAME:$<REPO>.git" production

I get this error when it runs

ssh: Could not resolve hostname nodename nor servname provided, or not known

Am I doing this correctly? Is this not possible?


Nevermind I had the incorrect REMOTE_URL. Sorry! For anyone whos curious, this works for ssh’ing in. Not sure about the GitHub pulling stuff

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No worries, @ehuda, glad to hear it was a simple and fast resolution! :wink:

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