Specify a set of deeplinks for Android virtual device testing

When using virtual device testing I get a warning telling me to specify deeplinks. So far I haven’t found a way to fill a list of deeplinks inside the workflow editor. Is there a way to do that?

This will indeed help targeting ares of the app that are critical or hardly reachable during a “normal” usage.

Hi @matteo.innocenti.maj,
thanks for the report!
Could you please attach your latest failed build url, which represents the issue?

The build is not failing, I just can’t see a way to provide deeplinks for robo tests within the “[BETA] Virtual Device Testing step”

Hi, i have checked the step and the underlaying service.
The thing is that the underlying service supports deeplinks, but it is not yet wired in for the step.
I created a ticket to solve this.

Great, thank you!

Awesome @godreikrisztian, thank you so much!

Hey @godreikrisztian, is there any progress on this?

Hi @matteo.innocenti.maj,

The task is still ongoing, there is a lot on the plate of the team, but we’ll get there and make sure to notify you here. Thanks for your patience so far!