Some guidance for parallel builds

I have some workflows:

  • pre-build for ssh, git clone, cache:pull, yarn install
  • tests for typescript check, jest tests and sonarqube scanner
  • android and ios for native build with fastlane
  • android-devices-test and ios-devices-test to send to AWS DeviceFarm

Start this year, we migrate to a team account with parallel build. Before this, we run one workflow after another and inside the android and ios workflows (including devices-test) I add a version bump step with fastlane and push to repo.

When I push some code, both workflows are triggered and the last one aways fails because the first one do a version bump and push these changes. So the last one fails because needs a pull before.

My question, I can do a pull before a push, but is there another way to maintain parallel build and one doesn’t affect other?
I try to run one and call other after finish but this give 82min builds. It’s so long.
What is the better way to do this? Pull code before do the version bump?


Hi @luciano.lima!

The approach we recommend to incrementing version numbers are one where you do this within the virtual machine, so you don’t have to commit the numbers and can avoid this conflict. Please see:

This help with parallel builds?
This will greatly increase the number of the build because we have workflows that run on each push. We prefer the build to increase with each release to the store.

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