Slack step sends erroneous commit message on API-triggered builds


I have a step in a build workflow like so:

- slack@3.1.3:
    title: Slack message on failure
    is_always_run: true
    run_if: .IsBuildFailed
    - channel: '#dev_mobile_platform'
    - text: ""
    - text_on_error: $PEAR_BUILD_FAILURE_MESSAGE
    - webhook_url: $SLACK_WEBHOOK

Where $PEAR_BUILD_FAILURE_MESSAGE is a build failure message generated by a previous step.

These builds are triggered via the Bitrise API from other builds on When one of these results in a failure I see a message like this:

The same commit message is displayed every time there is a failure, regardless of which commit the build was actually built from. Worse yet, one of them shows a commit message from a COMPLETELY SEPARATE REPO which is very confusing.

I am actually passing a build message on these jobs as you can see here:

Here are my build parameters from this build:

  "branch": "master",
  "commit_message": "react-native-pear-login test triggered from upstream dependency 'react-native-pear-platform@9.0.1-next.2125'",
  "commit_paths": null,
  "environments": null,
  "workflow_id": "test_edge"

The step seems to be pulling this message by default from the GIT_CLONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE_SUBJECT and GIT_CLONE_COMMIT_MESSAGE_BODY envvars.

So, it seems somehow that if the build was triggered manually, these envvars will not be set, even if commit_message was supplied as a build parameter.

I can understand them being null, but having them populated with stale and incorrect data (which in some cases was from another repo entirely) is a bit troubling and breaks my expectations about how the sandboxed build VM is supposed to work.


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