Slack Mesaging for Aborted Builds

Description of the feature request

The current workflow step for “Send a Slack Message” allows you to send messages on successful builds and failing builds but does not allow to send on Aborted/Canceled builds. This would be helpful because aborted builds can happen when a step times out and would be helpful to know that something is up and builds are getting aborted.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Best example I can think of is the one that just happened to us. Our workflow was hanging on one of the steps and we had not manually set a timeout on that step. It waited until the entire 120 minute timeout period before aborting. And when it did abort, it didn’t message our CI-notifications channel so we didn’t know. This happened several times and ended up eating tons of credits and it could have been caught earlier with Slack messages on aborts.