Shared SSH-keys


I’m slightly confused by this UI, should I add a private or a public key here? The title says private but the button says public.

Also when I’ve added the private, where should I add the public? (Except for the hosting-service sites)

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We don’t need the public key - you have to register the public key on GitHub/Bitbucket/on the git server, and we need the private key pair of that public key.

The “I’ve added the Public Key” button is pretty much a “save”. You should only click that once you did register the public key on GitHub/git server, and when you click this button that will replace the private key registered for the app on, so that will only work if the public pair of the key is registered on GitHub/git server.

If you have any questions, just let us know!

Yeah, I’ve realized all this after a while. It’s just that I was very confused when I first read “I’ve added the Public key”, since in my head that referes to the text-box above.

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Yeah, I see your point - I’ll bring this up for a discussion with our team!

Hi, I’m also having this issue. I’ve created a brand new key, added the public part to the bitbucket, but when I try to add the private key (starting with -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----), I get the Error: Failed to store the SSH Keys - Invalid private SSH key

What do I need to do? I can see on my bitbucket that the key is being used (I pulled a repo and it works).



Hi @sep.pourtaymour! Can you please provide us with more details of the problem, preferably in a different issue report? Thanks in advance!