Share/Repository of Workflows

Description of the feature request

Imagine a directyory of workflows. People can fork other people workflow, add new steps.
And probably there can be community managed workflows, for building Android app, iOS app, ReactNative,…
So it will be easy to kick start a project on bitrise, with community best practices.

Hi @lukaskurucz, thanks for the #feature-request, I really like this idea! We have been thinking about something similar, how do you think this would look ideally?

Should users a library of workflows available to select completely, with the option to submit one and to vote for them to measure popularity?

Well from the beginning it can just be community release workflows. Which will be well opinionated. It can be hosted on github, anyone can make request change for something.
It should also be versioned, for specific versions of XCode, Android Studio, since they will be breaking changes.

Later on I think, share workflow button can be added, so anyone can export their workflows, but this might be more tricky, since people should cleanup their workflows and create readme with How to setup workflow, all env variables and so on.

So at the end, I think just create public workflows for major use cases and allow others to contribute.

I like templates:

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