Send slack message to start build

Is there a way to send a slack message with a slash command or to a bot in order to trigger a workflow. I found a documented way to do it but it uses the slack “slashcommand” service which has a big warning about being legacy/deprecated. What’s the “modern” way to kick off a build from slack?

Hello, you should check a service like IFTTT:

Maybe you can connect Slack and then call the Bitrise API to start a workflow.

We have this in place. We basically run:
/mycommand w:release|m:4.4.1
And as a result the release workflow gets executed with the 4.4.1 as message. From there we pick the version, do a commit with it, tag, build… and ends up in the appstore.
No need of external tools, just slack integration explained here Adding a Slack webhook | Bitrise DevCenter

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