Self hosted gitlab & webhook


I’ve got a self hosted gitlab and tried to get it triggered by a webhook.
The configuration seems fine on gitlab side, I can hit Test: a build on the branch master is starting in bitrise.
However when I push my code in gitlab, nothing happens in bitrise.
Is there a place where I can check all webhooks call ? Or is there a way to check what’s wrong ?


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Unfortunately GitLab does not provide a UI for webhook debugging, so you’ll have to use the Activity list on

You can find the related docs here:

In short, you can find every webhook received by for your projects in your Activity list, and if a hook does not trigger a build you can find the reason there why it did not.

If you can’t see a trigger event in your Activity list, that means did not receive it, which always means that the issue is on the other end.

If you have any questions just let us know!

Thank you for your quick reply .
I can’t find the Activity list in my project. Where is it ? :smiley:

-> ->

You can see all the ignored calls on your Activity page on


Oh nice and useful page :slight_smile:
Thank you ! It was just a workflow / branch name issue :flushed:

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