Schedule Builds Dynamically

Is it possible to schedule a build for a dynamic branch pattern (e.g. release/*) that will kick off a build per branch that matches the pattern? So in this case, if I have two branches, release/1.0.0 and release/1.1.0, two builds would be started, one for each branch?

At the moment I havent found a way to do that so we use a script to kick off the builds using the trigger-bitrise-workflow step.

Good to know, I didn’t know about the trigger-bitrise-workflow step (I’m brand new to Bitrise.)

I’m struggling to see how to use the trigger step in a workflow after a script, as the trigger can only trigger a single build and workflows are linearly sequential without loops. I can see how using the trigger API and making curl requests from within a script step might work, though.

Would you mind elaborating on how you’ve structured your workflow with the script and trigger steps?

For the branch matching, we did a script and api call.

The trigger workflow was used for a finite number of variations and each one will only get scheduled if a specific variable is set (run_if: ). The script handles the checkign of the criteria and setting of those variables prior to the trigger workflows being executed.


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