SAML single sign on github integration

Hey we recently enabled SAML single sign on for github and as such can only grant https access with a personal token, how do we integrate bitrise with github in this case.

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Hi @Davidcm,

Thanks for asking this here! :wink:

Is there any way to use an SSH key?
Personal access token over HTTPS is also possible, using the new Authenticate host with netrc step (Authenticate host with netrc v0.9.0), but we don’t have a tutorial for it yet.

@tamaspapik is working on a tutorial, but was a bit delayed due to works on other steps. If you’re interested I’m sure he’s happy to share a quick step-by-step, as soon as he can get back to work (just finished his workday today).

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Hey, so i tried getting this step up and running last night, but i’m running into some trouble getting the clone step to authenticate. Would it be possible to run through the process when you have a minute?

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So it actually works perfectly, i was just trying to build a closed PR and getting an authentication error. Thanks for the help @tamaspapik

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Okay, so good to hear the issue is solved. Thank you for your patience @Davidcm!

At the same time a new step Authenticate with GitHub OAuth is released as well, so using the new step you won’t need to input host at all.

Thank you! :tada::rocket:

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