Run build for PR only once


In our project, we enabled the Virtual device testing, but it takes too much time to run a build (we run builds on each commit of PR)

Is there a way, or what’s your way, to run a PR build only ONCE?

For example, it could be cool if we can run a build ONLY when PR is approved, and at least by 2 developers


PD: Yes, i know using [skip ci] as a title would make, but, is there any other way?

Hi @bernat,

Right now the only built in solution is to only open the PR once it’s ready and configure your triggers so that those only run when the PR is open and not on code pushes before that (

[skip ci] of course also works, and is probably the easiest solution unless you’re OK with not opening the PR before it’s “ready” as mentioned above.

If you’d need something more feel free to create a #feature-request! :slight_smile: