Report an Abandoned Step

If you have a step which is abandoned please report it here.

You can find our Abandoned Step Policy at (every step share includes the acceptance of this policy).

If you believe that a step is abandoned (based on the policy) please report it here and we’ll do our best to handle the situation as fast as possible. Please keep in mind that this will take some time, as we’ll try to contact the current maintainer every way we can, and leave enough time for them to respond (as detailed in the policy).

Thank you for helping us maintaining the quality of the StepLib, while being patient to maintainers who spent time to provide the steps!

What happens to an Abandoned Step?

We’ll migrate it to the Bitrise Community GitHub organization, where the community can take care of the maintenance of the Step. You can find more information about this at Bitrise steps community

Abandonment Notice template


This step was recently reported as abandoned in the Bitrise StepLib (, and checking the development activity here seems to indicate that is indeed the case ({{open PR for X months, issues not answered for X months, no code change since X, …}}).

In order to maintain the quality of the Bitrise StepLib we forked this repository into the Bitrise Community GitHub organization ({{LINK}} ), and we plan to replace the links to this fork in the Bitrise StepLib (, unless you let us know that you don’t want that.

Important note: Even if we do take over the maintenance of the step, you’re always welcome to join the Bitrise Community GitHub organization! You can find more information about this at: Bitrise steps community

Also important to mention that you can of course still use this step in your configurations instead of our fork, it won’t disappear at all. We’ll only replace the definition in the Bitrise StepLib ( to point to our fork, but your Step repository will still be available using the git:: style step referencing in bitrise.yml (docs: even if we proceed with the StepLib reference change.

Please let us know if we can help with anything, if you agree to let the Bitrise Community maintain the step or if you want to keep maintaining it.

Even if you decide to let the community take over the maintenance of the step we’ll be always grateful to you for creating and submitting the step!

If you have any questions or comments just let us know!

Happy Building! :slight_smile:

Some issues and PR’s not being handled for a long time…

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll investigate the situation ASAP.

It is absolutely not abandoned, it is just finished really and working great on about 20 of my projects that I build every day. I will look at the issues again, but just because someone doesn’t respond and pull in PR’s doesn’t mean it is abandoned.


Thanks @jamesmontemagno for chiming in, it’s decided then, the step is not abandoned - glad to hear that :wink:

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Guys, can you please check if following step is abandoned?

It lacks some support thus preventing us to use it. Besides, some forks are better implemented with additional features, clearly there are people using forks instead library itself.