Rebuild without cache

Description of the feature request

Rebuild without cache is the first step in resolving weird build issues. Currently this involves a manual process of deleting the cache from settings. With new cache optimizations for both Android and iOS, it’s now time to migrate this workflow to a first class feature.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

  1. Press the rebuild without cache button to delete the cache and reschedule the build.

Awesome idea, thanks for the #feature-request @bootstraponline! :slight_smile:

How about a more generic “Edit & rebuild” button which enables not just to disable the cache but set arbitrary environment variables before rebuilding. In fact maybe disabling the cache is achieved via a magic environment variable being set, which doesn’t preclude the UI exposing a nice disable cache switch.


The idea is to seamlessly enable a one click workflow which resets the cache (as is done by the competition already).

I think both are great ideas, but slightly different things - feel free to create a separate #feature-request @nhelke! :slight_smile: