React Native - Android UI tests with detox timeout

Getting the following error from my bitrise build. runs fine locally.

Timeout - Async callback was not invoked within the 180000ms timeout specified by jest.setTimeout.

  at ../node_modules/jest-jasmine2/build/queue_runner.js:68:21
  at Timeout.callback [as _onTimeout] (../node_modules/jsdom/lib/jsdom/browser/Window.js:628:19)

● getCurrent › should get recipes from server › navigation to detail page from home page recipe1 › Then I see Bobs review in the list of recipeRatings
ReferenceError: device is not defined
at Object._callee$ (App.spec.js:7:15)
at tryCatch (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:62:40)
at Generator.invoke [as _invoke] (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:296:22)
at Generator.prototype.(anonymous function) [as next] (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:114:21)
at tryCatch (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:62:40)
at invoke (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:152:20)
at …/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:195:11
at callInvokeWithMethodAndArg (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:194:16)
at AsyncIterator.enqueue (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:217:13)
at AsyncIterator.prototype.(anonymous function) [as next] (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:114:21)
at Object..runtime.async (…/node_modules/regenerator-runtime/runtime.js:241:14)
at Object._callee (App.spec.js:6:16)

Here’s my bitrise.yaml section

    - activate-ssh-key@3.1.1:
        run_if: '{{getenv "SSH_RSA_PRIVATE_KEY" | ne ""}}'
    - git-clone@4.0.11: {}
    - npm@0.9.1:
        - command: install
    - avd-manager@0.9.2:
        - version: '19'
        - emulator_abi: x86
    - wait-for-android-emulator@1.0.4: {}
    - npm@0.9.1:
        - command: run test:detox:android

and my detox configuration from the package.json

“android.emu.release”: {
“binaryPath”: “android/app/build/outputs/apk/release/app-release.apk”,
“build”: “cd android && ./gradlew assembleRelease assembleAndroidTest -DtestBuildType=release && cd …”,
“type”: “android.emulator”,
“name”: “emulator”

small clarification. I’m using an x86 emulator locally and armeabi-v7a on bitrise as the x86 does not seem to load on bitrise.

Hi @jessharrell,

You can run x86 emulators on too but only on the Linux/Android stack.

If you’d have an issue with that please fill out a #issues:build-issues report and we’ll check it as soon as we can! :slight_smile: