Push changes to GitHub from bash script step

I’ve got a project on Bitrise that currently runs only three steps:

  • Activate SSH Key
  • Clone Repository
  • Run a custom shell script

In the custom script I am making some changes to the projects file structure, with the intention of uploading the changes to GitHub. However, when the script reaches:

git push

I encounter the error:

ERROR: The key you are authenticating with has been marked as read only.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

The GitHub account has an ssh key associated with read/write access from GitHub.

Ideas are welcome.

Are you sure that those 2 keys are the same?

Wording containing GitHub account suggests that it may be something else than deploy key actually used on bitrise.io.

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HI @DannyBravoOG! I agree with @koral, the error leads me to believe that something is off with the key/user. Could you include a build URL perhaps? :thinking:

Thank you for your reply, my mistake was that I was using the default SSH key generated by BitRise for the project. I generated a new key manually in order to get read/write access. Thanks.

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