Project scanner v1.2.4

We released a new version (1.2.4) of Project scanner step.

Since the Xamarin Stable rollback our Xamarin Stable stack is using the bitrise-cli v1.5.6, which format version (2) is not compatible with our latest bitrise-cli’s format version (3).

The generated configs (by the Add New App process) used the new format version this leaded issue like this:

e[32;1mVersion: 1.5.6e[0m

e[33mWARNe[0m[01:50:32] The bitrise.yml has a higher Format Version (3) than the bitrise CLI model's version (2). 
e[31mFATAe[0m[01:50:32] Failed to create bitrise config, error: This bitrise.yml was created with and for a newer version of bitrise CLI, please upgrade your bitrise CLI to use this bitrise.yml 
Command failed: exit status 1

The new Project scanner step uses format version 2, which fixes this issue.

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