Preferred way of running Android Calabash UI tests on Bitrise

Hi guys!
So I am seeing a long runtime for Android Calabash UI test on builds (Around 500s) which runs decently fast locally. I think it is because we are using Android & Docker on bitrise which is probbly slower than running it with a high end Macbook pro. Would it be faster to run it on a Mac OS instead of running with Docker?
Thanks for any suggestions and/or inputs on this!

What is slower / what runs for that long? Booting the emulator, or running the tests?

Docker itself should not slow down the build in general, as we run Docker on Linux machines, where Docker does not require any virtual machine in the background, it uses the Linux kernel directly.

The slower part is mostly when running the tests.
Spin up the emulator usually takes around 2 mins, and the tests take around 8 mins. I usually see around 1.5 mins tests runs locally. I guess it might be the machine is not as powerful as a macbook pro… My biggest concern is that the app I am building is super small with just a tab bar with 5 screens that pretty much has nothing on them and a working login process. So I am a little worried that it is already taking 8 mins to run.

Can you try to measure exactly what takes so long? It definitely should not, once the emulator is booted.