Possibly excessive validation in Xcode Archive for iOS step v. 2.4.5

Updated Xcode-archive step to version 2.4.5, and builds fail with the error:

Issue with input: issue with input OutputDir: dir not exist at: /Users/vagrant/deploy/ClientQA

The build in question produces multiple IPAs for differing provisioning profiles (internal QA and client QA). It puts the artefacts in different folders. It appears that 2.4.5 now validates that the OutputDir exists. This is possibly an unnecessary validation, as the build will create ‘ClientQA’ and ‘InternalQA’ directories when outputting the build artefacts.

Rolling back to 2.4.4 produces IPAs as expected.

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Thanks @danieldapadmi for reporting! We’ll check this issue ASAP!

Hi @danieldapadmi,

We fixed the issue in release 2.4.6.

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