Pipeline in Gitlab hangs

Hey guys,
Trying to trouble shoot which was left by former employee. Any help would be appreciated. We are using gitlabcom. We have two repo android and IOS in gitlab
MRs to develop branch and MRs to Master branch kicks the build in bitrise with webhook. MRs for andriod for develop and master branch works great and gets the pipeline status. In IOS MRs to develop branch works but MRs to master branch doesn’t get any pipeline status even though build is running. Right way when there is MRs to master the pipline status keep pending and hangs for ever. Whenever I created MR to master with branch name Release it hangs. I did same thing in develop branch with Release name and it hangs but the build kicks in. In andriod repo it works. I looked at the config for both repo and doesn’t make sense to me.
Is there some sort of rules or something anywhere define if the branch name is this don’t get status?

Well the issue is fixed the error on webhook on git lab was {“error”:“Failed to transform the webhook: The commit specified by ‘checkout_sha’ was not included in the ‘commits’ array - no match found”}

Once the branch had commit message it worked.

Well what I found is whenever branch is created with commit message and have MR after that it get the status. But a branch without commit message and have MR gitlab doesn’t get pipeline status.
“error”:“Failed to transform the webhook: The commit specified by ‘checkout_sha’ was not included in the ‘commits’ array - no match found”}

I don’t know if there is solution to get the status even though branch doesn’t have commit ?

Well this was know issue with bitrise webhook and the issue was resolve by using the gitlab status
https://www.bitrise.io/integrations/steps/gitlab-status. Make sure you turn on expose for pull request for gitlab token in Secrets. We didn’t want to push commit in release branch to just status

Glad to hear the workaround works @dipenwell! Just a small correction: we would not consider this a known issue and do not see it happen regularly or at all with other git providers or in other scenarios. Sending status from the build with a step using the API call tends to be more reliable though and I do recommend it to everyone running into similar issues.

What would be your steps to get status using webhook if there is MR with a branch with no comment message ?

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