Option to show only failing tests in test report

Description of the feature request

Having an option to hide all the passing tests would make finding a failed test much easier.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

When we have a test fail, currently we have to scroll through a list of hundreds of passing tests trying to find the one in amongst it which has failed.

This is a pain and a waste of time, and it’s a problem which is going to grow worse as we creep into thousands of tests for our app.

Having a way to hide all of the passing tests and only show the failing ones would be very helpful. I’d go as far as suggesting it should be the default view (especially when there are one or more failing ones) but I’d settle for manually toggling it.

Hi @craig,

Thank you for your feature request! We’re working on a better test reporting experience at the moment which will actually show the failing tests by default :wink: Stay tuned!