Older Java version with Xcode 8.3.x stack


We need older version of JDK 8 than the one provided by the Xcode 8.3.x stack. Is it possible to somehow modify the stack to use older JDK 8 (e.g. the one from Xcode 8.2.x stack) or do we need to add custom script that installs the JDK we need?



Yes, right now you’ll have to install it with a Script, we only provide one JDK version on a given stack (the one which you can see in the system report).

Doing it with a Script should be quite straight forward if you have a script which works on your Mac, simply run that from a Script step or copy paste the script content into the step’s input; it should work the same way on bitrise.io as it does on your own Mac :slight_smile:

If you have any questions just let us know!