Offline Workflow Editor / Workflow Editor v2 v0.9.1 released


  • CLI package changed from urfave CLI to Cobra CLI
  • Multiple step library support added
  • App env vars section not displayed if config YML does not contain app or envs key - fixed

For more information about the new Workflow Editor (beta) and how to install it, visit:

There has been some issue during the release, so we will shortly be releasing v0.9.2 which will fix it.

Thanks for reporting the issue this fast!

Hi guys, sorry for the faulty release. We shared a new version with fixed plugin definition: 0.9.2

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v0.9.2 looks good, although it seems significantly slower than 0.9.0 was…

bitrise :workflow-editor
Starting API server at http://localhost:3645
Open workflow editor in browser ...
 => GET: /api/bitrise-yml.json - 26.946068ms ()
 => POST: /api/spec - 5.653261686s (application/json;charset=UTF-8)
 => GET: /api/bitrise-yml.json - 41.901117ms ()
 => POST: /api/spec - 5.396509145s (application/json;charset=UTF-8)