Notify all members from a slack channel with CLI


It is possible using the slack step (ver. 2.5.0) to notify the members in the channel? I mean to be exactly as you would write @channel in that channel so everyone will get a notification.
I need this avoid missing to read messages in slack from the Bitrise when a build was performed.

Hi @a.circus,

Unfortunately, as far as I know, mentioning everyone (or anyone) through a @channel is not possible through the public Slack API. At least the last time we checked that was the case - if you can find any docs how this could be enabled we’d be of course happy to add the option to the Step.

What we usually do is that we have a separate channel for these notifications, and we enable all relevant notifications for ourselves for that channel. Internal rule is to keep general chatting outside of these channels, only alert/relevant chats are allowed.

We have more than one of these channels aggregated from various sources, and each team member joins the relevant channel(s).

I hope this helps, and if you have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Thanks @viktorbenei,

You are right, I didn’t see any way using Incoming Webhooks API to notify anyone or everyone…The only reasonable way I see for this is the one you mentioned.

Thanks for the suggestion! :slight_smile:

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Any time :wink: