Non mobile project / what to do if the "scanner" fails when you want to add a new repository?

How can a repository / app / project be registered if the scanner fails during the Add New App process?

If we don’t have a scanner for a project type the automatic scanner will fail.

Don’t be afraid if that happens, all it means is that the scanner could not generate a suitable base configuration automatically, but you still can select from base config templates or roll your fully custom configuration!

So, in case the “scanner” fails during the Add New App process, you can either select the “Configure manually without project scanning” option ( right before scanning, or if you already selected the scanner option and it failed, then the “Restart validation without scanner” option right below the logs

The “validation without scanner” options only test one thing, that the repository can be accessed by, everything else is up to you.

For the fastest way to the first green build if possible you should use the default / scanner option, but in case that’s not possible you can skip the scanner the way described above.