No proper tutorials

  1. There is no proper tutorial for Android Testing with Bitrise.
  2. There should be a demo workflow readymade for new users.
  3. I want to select flavours from my app to test but I cannot find any help.
  4. I want only debug apk , cannot find any help.
  5. I want Unit tests and UI test, but having many issues here.
  6. I hope you will improve.

Hi @AsifDev21

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to share it here.

Demo workflow is your own repo, when you register it we auto generate a suitable base configuration for it.

The thing is, once you learn the basics of the system you have pretty much unlimited flexibility, to tweak it any way you like. You can use steps written by us, steps maintained by the community, write your own Script instead or even create your own Step ( :blush:

You can even run the same config on your own Mac/PC

You can find information on our DevCenter and here on our community discussions website.

If you find something lacking, or need help feel free to ask! :blush:

Flavors are just regular Gradle tasks, so you can simply specify that task for the Gradle Runner step:

The default configuration generated for a native android app (when you register the repository on should build exactly that. Again, this is just a Gradle task, by default assembleDebug is the gradle task which just builds (assembles in gradle terminology) the APK, with the “Debug” configuration.

Related docs:

In the Gradle Runner step’s related input description we also included note/help for how you can list the available gradle tasks in your project: (You can call gradle tasks or gradle tasks --all in your Gradle project directory to get the list of available tasks.)