New member management in workspaces

We have redesigned the member management in workspaces from the ground up to make it much easier and straightforward to use. New features include:

  • Invite members to your workspace without using groups: you can add members directly to your workspace without the need of using groups. Group management feature is not going away but rather becomes an alternative option for member management.
  • Bulk invite option: you can now invite workspace members in bulk instead of one-by-one
  • Introducing global access a.k.a. “all apps” roles: members can be assigned Admin, Developer or Tester roles that will apply for all current and new/upcoming apps on the workspace with that role. Users can also be assigned a role per app selectively.
  • Multiple roles and new members page: we have upgraded our auth system under the hood to make role & permission management more flexible (true RBAC). This means there are no forced hierarchy between the different roles, but rather the permission sets for each role are additive. This means members can have multiple roles. To display this new structure well we have released a redesigned member list page which will show the roles assigned to each member (either directly or via groups) and added search, filtering and pagination.

You can read more about member setup and management in our documentation: Workspace members - Bitrise Docs