Multiple local workflow editors open

As the title says :slight_smile:

GitHub issue:

Can you please create a GitHub issue for this at , just to make it easier to track the status of this feature and to reference it as the development progresses?

For context we already discussed a couple of ways of how this could be implemented and we’ll definitely pick one and implement it :wink:

Just a reference to the related Workflow v2 discussions:

Yeah, I’ll create an issue there.

We’ve discussed yea, but this isn’t necessarily connected to including .ymls, but rather to be able to do bitrise :workflow-editor from different repo’s without the ports clutching!

Sure, the Workflow Editor "v2" (Open Source & Offline Workflow Editor) thread is about the Workflow Editor, not just about the YML; that’s the main discussion thread for the v2 Workflow Editor, that’s why the cross ref (so that this feature request is linked to that discussion too :wink: )

Basically a ref link like the one above creates a links footnote on the other end like this:

Added in v1.0.5:

Works like a charm, I love it, thanks @erosdome! :wink:

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