Migration to Android Ubuntu 18.04 stack

Hey there!
I’m struggling to install the lftp dependency with an appropriate version. I’m using the Android stack and installing with apt-get step tool.
I’m getting an lftp version 1.6 while I’d need a 1.8 or higher (since they introduced the mmv command I need).
I assume I don’t get the latest update due to the stack deployed on Docker.
I wanted to know whether there was still a blocker to update the Android stack to 18 (or above). I’ve read your blog post mentioning the top revert. That was two years ago and on the issue tracker, it seems to be fixed.
Am I missing something? Is there any alternative for me to get the right version with the current stack?
Thanks for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

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Hi @svinouze!

So as I understand this lftp dependency is capped at 1.6 for Ubuntu 16?

Unfortunately, Ubuntu 18 is still not available in Bitrise at the time of me typing this. The original issue that was stated in the rollback blog post is indeed no longer present, but there are architectural reasons we can simply just provide the image.

The update is still planned of course, and we can assess the urgency based on user requests, so I’ll make sure to forward yours!

Hi @bitce

Thanks for your reply. You got it fine, lftp is indeed capped. I can’t take advantage of the latest mmv method in the newest version since 1.8.

But it’s not a massive requirement for us, would be a nice addition :wink: Although there might be other restrictions from this outdated Ubuntu stack other users might be facing so I wanted to know whether an update could be possible.

I’ll monitor if an update come any time soon. You can close the topic :slight_smile:

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