Migrate to Ventura from Monterey when on Xcode 14.x

In the next five weeks we’ll be removing Xcode 14.x from the Monterey-based stack. As a result, all apps using these stacks will need to migrate over to Ventura-based Xcode 14.0, 14.1 or 14.2 stacks. Xcode 13.x will remain available on the Monterey-based stack.

How will this impact you?

If you are currently selecting to use Xcode 14.0 or 14.1 on Monterey-based stacks, you will be moved onto the equivalent Xcode version on Ventura. In example, if you’re on Xcode 14.1 on Monterey, you’ll be moved to Xcode 14.1 on Ventura.

Stacks that are affected

The following stacks are affected

  • Xcode 14.1.x, on macOS 12.5 (Monterey)
  • Xcode 14.0.x, on macOS 12.5 (Monterey).

Actions you need to take

If you are using Xcode 14.x on Monterey-based stacks, please migrate to the Ventura-based stack by selecting it from the drop down on the Stacks and Machines page. Once logged in, go to Workflow Editor-> Stacks & Machines → and select your chosen Venture stack.

Date by which you need to migrate

Please ensure that you migrate to Ventura before Monday, March 13, 2023.

Stacks being deprecated

Whilst Ventura based stacks are still supported, Monterey-based stacks that will be deprecated include:

  • Xcode 14.0
  • Xcode 14.1.

If you have any questions, please submit them via our support page.

Is it possible to switch between Xcode versions during buildtime?

We’re seeing an issue when changing to the Xcode 14.0 Ventura stacks that builds are failing when they install Homebrew dependencies:

==> Installing saucectl from saucelabs/saucectl
Error: Your Xcode (14.0.1 => /Applications/Xcode-14.0.1.app/Contents/Developer) is too outdated.
Please update to Xcode 14.1 (or delete it).
Xcode can be updated from the App Store.

I think this is because Homebrew requires the Ventura SDK included in Xcode 14.1.

I’m not sure how we can continue to use Xcode 14.0 with Homebrew on these machines :thinking:

Hello @nathan-bb,
Thanks a lot for the question.
Unfortunately, if a brew formulae demands a higher Xcode version, you can only install it if you switch to a higher version. The good news here is that you are able to do it:)

Our current Ventura-based images contain Xcode 14.0, 14.1, and 14.2. You can use native tooling for switching between Xcode versions, and we also have xcodes installed. So, if you’d like to stay on 14.0, but have saucectl, the easiest way will be like this →

sudo xcodes select 14.1
brew install saucectl
sudo xcodes select 14.0.1  # don't forget to switch back

I hope this helps,
Find us please with any further questions.


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