$MARKETING_VERSION wrongly returned by Xcode Project Info step

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Description of the issue

  • I added Xcode Project Info step
  • XPI_VERSION returns $MARKETING_VERSION in place of the actual app version


Last available stack Xcode 11.2.x

Which build Step causes the issue and which version of the step?

Xcode Project Info 2.0.0




Do we have any update on this ?
Bug is still reproducible

This is affecting us too. An update on progress for a fix would be greatly appreciated.

You guys can use a different script:

version_number=`sed -n '/MARKETING_VERSION/{s/MARKETING_VERSION = //;s/;//;s/^[[:space:]]*//;p;q;}' $projectFilePath`
envman add --key MARKETING_VERSION_REVISED --value $version_number

Then you can use $MARKETING_VERSION_REVISED in the next workflow steps.

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