M1 VMs can help you optimize Android build times

Happy Friday Android Devs :green_heart:

Did you know that M1 VMs can help you optimize Android build times?

Using M1 on Bitrise can help your mobile teams optimize Android build times, as we share some benchmark results in this blog post.

Comparing the build times between Linux machines and Apple M1 machines

Key findings about Android performance on M1 machines:

  • There’s a huge difference in terms of performance between Java 11 and Java 17 on Apple silicon.
  • Java 11 on M1 is not optimized for Apple silicon as it runs in Rosetta 2, which is subpar.
  • Java 17 offers decent optimization over Java 11, the gain can be observed on both Linux and macOS platforms. Therefore, upgrading to Java 17 is a no-brainer as your projects get built faster for free.
  • Java 17 on M1 gives the best build performance among others.

Read the full article about M1 MVs for Android

Give it a try and let us know in the comments what you think about your build times.

Happy building