Is it possible to install a Fortify application (SCA tool) in the BitRise Virtual machines?


Is it possible to install a Fortify scan application on the Mac OSX Box. So that we can add a step in our BitRise Workflow to perform a scan and upload the results?
We are currently doing this in our CI/CD with a dedicated Mac server with the software pre installed and we are planning to migrate to Bitrise. Kindly let me know if this is feasible.

Platform: iOS
Box: Mac OSX
Tool: Fortify Static Code Analyzer



Hi @VSubrahmanian!

Bitrise offers a Script step which allows you to run any commands. So the rule as follows:

Can the tool be installed from a terminal? If yes, then you can use a Script step on Bitrise to install it :slight_smile: If you need a GUI to install the tool, you won’t be able to do so.

Hope this helps!