IOS Release Brach Problem

I’m still very new here. If I’m asking in the wrong place, first of all I would like to express my apologies.
I am trying to publish my IOS application in the release section on
In the Release candidate section, I will select “Release branch” under Configuration.
I open the window with Change. However, the “Select release brach” menu appears empty. So main or anything is not visible.

Can you help me ?
I reviewed the page in the link below. Main appears here on my profile.

Hey @kpbitrise,
Did you run a CI build on Bitrise with that branch before? If not, then I think that could be the problem, as we list only the branches on the Release Candidate stage that had at least 1 CI build on Bitrise.
Branches without a finished build on Bitrise are not visible in the dropdown yet.

This is a known feature gap, which will be improved later.