iOS Dsyms not exporting all symbols

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Description of the issue

we have export and archive step for our iOS builds, but dsym’s export not exporting all symbols despite the setting export all dsyms option being set.


Hello there!

I’m sad to hear that you experience such issues :cry:
Could you please send us a build’s url where this issue happens, so we can check out the logs for some more details?

build url :

Hy, sorry for the late reply!

did you manage to solve the issue?
if not, could you try running this command locally and check if the result is the same or not?

xcodebuild "-workspace" "BoseMobileDevelopment.xcworkspace" "-scheme" "BoseMobileSample (Staging-Debug)" "archive" "-archivePath" "/path/to/archive/BoseMusic-Staging-Release-2602.xcarchive"

Thanks! the issue seems to be specific scheme.This topic can be closed .

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