iOS dSym files download or upload



Is there a possibility to download the dSym files generated in the Xamarin.Archive step?

$BITRISE_DSYM_PATH - The created iOS file’s path


A step to upload dSym files to HockeyApp after the iOS build?

Any information regarding this would be very helpful


Do you have the Deploy to step in your workflow?
You can attach any file to the build with that -> docs:


Thanks for the quick response.

We haven’t configured a Deploy to step yet.

Exact situation:

  1. We have an iOS application (bitcode is not enabled) and we would like to generate crash logs/stack trace for production version of the app.
  2. For that we need to upload dSym files to HockeyApp(previously: Xamarin.Insights) to symbolicate the crash logs.
  3. As the build and deploy to TestFlight is automated on Bitrise we would like to have functionality that enables us to Either
    • Download dSym files after the build (we upload them manually to HockeyApp)
    • Bitrise should upload the dSym directly to HockeyApp (may be a dedicated step?)

From what I understood from your replay:

  1. We should configure a Deploy to step to deploy $BITRISE_DSYM_PATH to output which will be available in individual builds Apps & Artifacts section

Is that correct?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Usually it’s enough to just drop in the Deploy to step, no config required.
Tech details: the default config of the Deploy to step is to deploy the content of the $BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR, and our Xcode steps move the dSYM ZIP into that directory, so no additional config is required / you don’t have to specify the ipa path directly for deploy.


For AppStore/iTunes Connect you have to download the dSYM from iTunes Connect. When you submit the app there, the Apple/iTunes Connect servers will “recompile” the app, and so the dSYM you originally get from Xcode during the build/archive won’t match with the IPA you (or any user) download from the AppStore/iTunes Connect. iTunes Connect provides the recompiled dSYMs, you should download it from there (you can download it from too).

That said, if you have Bitcode disabled for the AppStore/iTunes Connect build, then the dSYM generated during the build should be fine too, the things I described above (recompile on Apple servers) should only happen if Bitcode is enabled (which is the default).


Thanks @viktorbenei,

The dSYM files are available to download as required.


Hey victor. I enabled the Deploy step, but no artifacts are being uploaded anywhere… I do see on the logs that both the IPA and dSYMS are being generated, but the artifacts page is still empty… any ideas?


Hi @fleetmode!

Could you send us a log file our a build URL to look into this for you? :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll close this topic

@fleetmode please create a new topic if you’d need help with that issue, as it doesn’t seem to be related to the original question :slight_smile: