iOS build process: show build warning when building the configuration which doesn't exist


Description of the feature request

In the workflow editor we can specify a configuration, which is extremely popular since all iOS projects have several configuration. But during the build process it doesn’t get checked and if there was a typo in the configuration name, nobody will know, neither from users’ side, nor from yours.

I know it’s possible to list available configurations before starting the build and display a red warning, if the specified one wasn’t present.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I had an issue with this myself. There was a typo in configuration name and the build constantly failed, but the reason was misleading. With your support person we thought there was an issue with Pods configuration, since it failed when compiling Facebook SDK.

If there was just a simple red message in the log, that specified configuration didn’t exist, me or your support person would have been able to understand the issue immediately.


You can run command: xcodebuild -list
It lists Schemes, Targets and Build Configurations.

Then you just check if the specified configuration from the workflow exists in the list, ahd if no, you print a red warning message in the log.

I believe it will solve a lot of headache for customers and your support.