iOS Artifacts

During my successful iOS builds, seems to me that the last step only has one artifact in there : info.plist and thats it!

Where is the actual binary?

According to logs it should be build/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/ - how do I get the binary to be uploaded as an artifact?

Hi @adityac26,

Which step you use?

The .app is not a binary, that’s a directory, that might be the issue. In case of iOS you need an .ipa for distribution, .app can only be used in emulators.

Is this a native iOS project? Or a cross-platform (Cordova, Ionic, …) one?

Thanks for helping me out. It was a fail on my part for not reading the documentation properly . I was able to produce the .IPA file after reading the docs. Thanks for all your help

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Glad to hear @adityac26! :slight_smile:

Happy Building! :slight_smile:


could you please point out which docs specifically did you read?


@davidmpaz I’d suggest you to fill out a #issues:build-issues report if you have an issue, or feel free to create a new #question-answer topic with your question - right now we don’t have enough context to help you, as you did not share the details of the issue you face.