Ionic archive v2.0.0

The option to run ionic cordova platform [rm | add] <platform> was removed. These commands are not suited to be run on a CI environment, and should be ran during development. Instead, ionic cordova prepare --no-build is called, which restores cordova platforms and plugins.
Added a default options flag for ionic to use the legacy XCode build system, as cordova does not yet officially support the new one. (
If yarn.lock is present in the working directly, yarn is used to install cordova and ionic packages (if related parameters are present). This can conflict with platform add command tough (

Migration guide

Moving from v1 to v2
If platform rm or add is needed to be run during the build, add a script step before the ionic-archive step for this functionality.

  1. If using ionic-prepare step, update that to version 1..
  2. Make sure to remove the input parameters readd_platform, cordova_ios_version, cordova_android_version. If the ionic-prepare step is used, add a new input parameter run_ionic_prepare and set it to false (run_ionic_prepare: “false”).

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