Ionic app fails to build for Android after 10th November update

We have been successfully building an Ionic app for Android with the “Visual Studio for Mac” stack. The same commit built successfully on the previous week, but failed on 14th November (so, after 10th November update to the VM).

The build fails after running the hooks:

Saved plugin info for “cordova-sqlite-storage” to config.xml
Running command: /Users/vagrant/git/hooks/after_prepare/010_add_platform_class.js /Users/vagrant/git
add to body class: platform-android
Running command: /Users/vagrant/git/hooks/after_prepare/020_remove_sass_from_platforms.js /Users/vagrant/git
–save flag or autosave detected
Saving android@~6.3.0 into config.xml file …
[ERROR] Exception:

(There is no text after “Exception:”

We have tried building the app locally, and have found that it seems to fail with the same message if the machine has Xcode 9.1.

Hey @stuart27stars

Can you please provide the link of a related build? We’ll need more logs :slight_smile:

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Hello Gergely,

Thank you for replying!

We think that we have found the issue: one of the Cordova plugins is a Git reference. The format: “git+” worked before, but we had to change it to "" to fix the build today.

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Actually, we now have a new stack type @stuart27stars.

If for a short period of time you’d need a “Hybrid” stack, with Android tools & Xcode 9.0 and not Xcode 9.1 nor Xcode 8.3, then the new “Previous Xamarin, Visual Studio for Mac …” stack should be suitable.

We pushed this stack into production just a couple of hours ago - this new stack will be the Previous version of the VS for Mac stack when that’s updated, to allow a bit more time for migration for those who need it :slight_smile:

Thanks @viktorbenei - I was really wishing for stacks like those yesterday! :slight_smile:

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